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Gain Yards on Your Drive, BEFORE You Swing!

The Simple Golf Swing - Drop 7 Strokes in 2 weeks

Have you discovered that you are surfing the web for the absolute best suggestions on enhancing your driving distance? Perhaps you have tried almost everything and still can not seem to improve as much as you want to? In the event you answered yes to either or both of the previous concerns, continue reading.

I’ve been there, right where you may be, practicing my golf swing, rotation and position and just finding more of the same. I gathered tips from all over the place and put every one of them to use yet still believed I was lacking something.

While you search around for that magic technique, a few things you seldom come up with, however, in my experience, they are possibly the best and they really don’t have anything to do with the typical points. Actually these tips come into play before you even get set to take your swing.

Have you actually seriously considered the position of your tee? Really, I rarely ever gave it much thought either. It wasn’t until I’d been shopping for a new driver because I had tried everything else that i came across this little treasure.

Start placing your tee higher. When I first heard this tip I immediately thought, “If I do that, I’ll swing below the ball.” I didn’t give it much thought after that until someone happened to mention it to me at the driving range. What I hadn’t taken into account was the larger club head size of my newer clubs. Raising your tee a little put you right in line to really grab the sweet spot at the top of your club face. Taking it in and giving it a try, I found that alone gave me another 20 to 30 yards.

Another thing that I picked up that day was something I never would have imagined could help me so tremendously, again another tip that starts before the swing. Keep in mind your breathing. Golf is a very timed, rhythmic game and the rhythm and timing of your breathing can really give your drive a boost for the better.
Practice taking a deep breath in sync with your back swing and then releasing in fluid timing with your down swing. Just as weight lifters often do, time your breathing with your lifting, so to speak.

This will do many things for you, one of those things being relaxing the muscles and releasing tension throughout your body. With a lot of tension in your body at the time you swing, your swing speed will diminish. Think about how difficult it is to move your arms quickly if all your muscles are tense. In the game of golf, you want to stay loose and fluid, not tense and stiff.

The Simple Golf Swing - Drop 7 Strokes in 2 weeks

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