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The Simple Golf Swing - Drop 7 Strokes in 2 weeks

Gadget Really Finds the Sweet Spot on Your Golf Ball?

Before sweet spot finders were invented, golfers had to rely on their superstitions and guesswork to hope they hit the perfect point and end up with the best shot their swing could deliver.

Golfers routinely blame a missed shot on the fact that they didn’t hit the sweet spot. Some use this phrase to mean the sweet spot of a golf club, but others know there’s a science involved in hitting the right point on a golf ball, also known as a sweet spot.

Most sweet spot finders look similar to a miniature version of a ball washer. There’s a place to lock in the ball, and then [Read more →]

Teach Yourself How To Be A Better Golfer

Yes, it really is possible to teach yourself how to be a better golfer. Having the right equipment is but part of enjoying your game. There are other, easy ways to improve your score, while also improving your enjoyment of the game. [Read more →]

Gain Yards on Your Drive, BEFORE You Swing!

Have you discovered that you are surfing the web for the absolute best suggestions on enhancing your driving distance? Perhaps you have tried almost everything and still can not seem to improve as much as you want to? In the event you answered yes to either or both of the previous concerns, continue reading. [Read more →]